Idk if you've been asked this on here before or what, but what camera do you think would be a good starter camera for me? I want to start doing photography, but I'm far from educated on the subject in it's technical sense. Your pictures are really amazing by the way, and I could only hope to produce my own eye as well.

Asked by seereality

It all kinda depends on your own personal preference. i would advise you to go into a camera shop and mess around with a few until you find one you really like. my first camera was a canon point and shoot, i taught myself the basics of aperture, ISO, and shutter speed with it and then i started to use my friend’s Canon t2i until i discovered i liked Nikon cameras more. most beginner DSLRs will cost anywhere from $500 - $1000. Right now, i use a Nikon D5100, which is a great beginner/intermediate camera that i would highly recommend. Im glad you enjoy my photos and i hope you get a camera and fall in love with photography!